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Steph has been a Stott Pilates Teacher since 2010 and apprenticed under Instructor Trainer Denise Chalwell. After teaching at Hotels and Private Pilates Studios overseas in multiple countries, she has made home in Queensland opening Pilates North in August 2020.

“My belief has always been that everyone has a ‘Pilates body’ and that healthy looks different on every body. I always ask my students the same thing when I first meet them – but what do you love about your body & where do you feel strong? I am so often met with a great silence. I hope to change that. And while I help my students work towards their physical goals- I focus more on how I want them to feel rather than chasing a certain look.

Most people that begin their Pilates journey have an injury or pain in their body, Pilates is that next step after rehab – a safe and effective way to recover and get strong. I want you to make gradual progress towards removing pain in your body and restoring proper function. I want you to leave every session feeling a little shaky from the work you put in and a little taller each time. More than looking good- I want you to FEEL good. “

Pilates North started with two reformers in our garage and has moved to a studio space beside Balance BJJ so that we (Gino & Steph) could work alongside each other. We are a small reformer studio which allows us to really know our clients and focus on their individual needs.

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“Change happens through movement, and movement heals”

-Joe Pilates