Kids Program BJJ

Balance Kids BJJ Program

At Balance, we are focused on giving our kids all the tools necessary to navigate life. Classes are structured to give kids an opportunity to exert themselves, have fun and most importantly, learn. The traditional aspects of martial arts remain – discipline and respect.

Level 1 Program (2-4yrs)

Here our parents will participate in class with their child. We work on body awareness, co-ordination and motor skills, while learning some very basic BJJ movements. Active learning through fun.

Level 2 Program (4-8yrs)

Our Level 2 program sees our children introduced to Anti-bullying skills and self defence. Here we learn the basics of BJJ. Building focus and self confidence.

Level 3 Program (8-14yrs)

Our Level 3 kids begin to focus more on BJJ technique. Learning grappling and submissions in a fun and interactive environment. Our big kids will be learning respect for self and others, while focusing on anti-bullying and self defence too.