Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Self Defence.

At Balance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, learn the most effective form of self-defence and take part in the fastest growing sport in the world. Learn to take care of your body AND your mind.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu isn’t easy but neither is life. Hard doesn’t need to be scary. At Balance we want to help you discover strength, resilience and confidence through BJJ. Not just for the mats, but for every aspect of life.

Gino Pereira – Head Coach/Co-Owner



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is THE best workout you can get. Challenging your body in ways it hasn’t been challenged before, asking it to move in new ways, working against a resisting opponent. Nothing gets you in shape like BJJ. We will be training in both Gi and No-Gi.


At Balance, our promise is to deliver solid, consistent and effective teaching. At Balance you will have the opportunity to learn new skills, grow and reach new mental and physical heights. The confidence that comes with hard work, learning skills to defend yourself and practiced resilience – is priceless.


At Balance, we want to give our members the opportunity to become part of a community. Individuals with a shared goal – to improve and grow. A community that promotes inclusion, encouragement and growth. We have many local community initiatives in the pipeline. At Balance, we believe in giving back.


All Levels BJJ

For the Beginner to the experienced grappler. This class is where the majority of your learning will come from. More focus on techniques and sparring. This is the class our BJJ members should be aiming to attend.

Beginners Program

At Balance, we have a dedicated beginners program. This 12 week program is where you will learn the basics and fundamentals of the art to prepare you for All Levels classes. The program constantly rotates so theres no need to wait - jump in now and the program will loop back around to whatever you've missed.

Kids Program BJJ

At Balance, we are focused on giving our kids all the tools necessary to navigate life. Classes are structured to give kids an opportunity to exert themselves, have fun and most importantly, learn. The traditional aspects of martial arts remain - discipline and respect.

Pilates North

Our built-in Reformer Pilates studio offers multiple classes per week, as well as private and semi private sessions.
Steph has been a Stott Pilates Teacher since 2010.

Yoga For BJJ

Yoga For BJJ is a method of practicing yoga deliberately designed for practitioners of BJJ. Coach Gino and Steph are certified instructors. Yoga For BJJ is based in Vinyasa yoga and is designed to bring space and mobility to the body.


BJJ Fit is a 30 min class designed to help our members build their strength, mobility and endurance for BJJ. Based in Kettlebell training and bodyweight movements.


Michael Bowie
22 August 2023
Visiting family from overseas and came across Balance to sharpen my bjj skills. I was with Balance for only a month and can honestly say that I had a wonderful experience. Steph and Gino really do put 100% of their time and energy into their academy and students. All the practitioners that train are helpful, kind and keep safety a priority. Highly suggested if you want to dip your toes in bjj or train hard within an academy orientated towards improving skills while keeping an importance on safety in mind. Can't wait to be back on the mat with the team at Balance BJJ. Beautiful industrial open spaced area with industrial fans for ventilation. Toilets are clean and hygienic. Mats are disinfected and mopped !
Ben Lee
28 July 2023
Guys, huge honour for me to train here. Coaches and members have created such a positive, supportive and welcoming atmosphere.
Luke Antonelli
28 July 2023
Balance is a warm welcoming enviroment for individuals and families. Great place to start and and learn Jujitsu for all ages.
Shae Young
27 July 2023
I have been with Balance now for around 6 months, Gino and Steph know how to make you feel welcomed, they are great coaches along with there many helpers, keep up the great work team!!
vibin vinod
27 July 2023
Best family owned ju-jitsu club in the north side I would 100% recommend to go check it out for anyone.
Scott Burns
27 July 2023
I have trained at a couple of gyms and Balance is by far the best. Gino & Steph have created a great community atmosphere that welcomes everyone from beginners to my experience grapplers. It’s alway a great train with the quality techniques and enjoyable atmosphere.
Bec Walraven
27 July 2023
I changed to Balance from another club because I had heard great things. Not only do I practise BJJ there, but both my kids also enjoy their classes. They look forward to it every week.
Rosco Edwards
25 May 2023
For anyone who is looking for a new academy or just starting out. Gino and Steph at Balance are hands down the best in the business. So welcoming and knowledgeable, my life is now so much better for finding them. 10⭐️ as 5 is not nearly enough.
Tim Coomber
17 May 2023
My children and I started taking Ju-jitsu classes at Balance about two months ago, and we couldn't be happier with our experience. Gino, Ryan and Hunter are amazing instructors who strike the perfect balance between fun and technique training for the kids. For the adults, the classes are challenging and cater to all levels. Gino and Steph, the owners of Balance, are welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable. Overall, joining Balance has been one of the best decisions we've made. Highly recommend!
maria jose jimenez
17 April 2023
Great place and atmosphere!!! My son, 7 years old, loved it!! And my daughter 2 years old wanna try it too 🥰They are a big family and make you feel like part of them.Very good price.


We would love to book you in for a free trial. Have a look at our schedule, and let us know which class you’d like to attend by filling out the form and submitting.

If you don’t have any training gear, no worries. We have gear here that we can give you for your trial.

Alternatively, send Gino and Steph a message on their phone – 0402 907 097

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!