Gi is the traditional uniform worn to train in BJJ. The gi allows for grips to be made on the uniform to control the other person and can also be used in chokes etc. Nogi, is training in rash-guard and shorts. Also known as submission grappling. Grips are different and some of the control points are different, but at Balance we will be learning to have a game that will flow well between Gi and Nogi. Our training during the week is aimed to reflect a 50/50 split between the two.

No worries, at Balance we have the full range of required gear available. Gi’s, rash guards, Nogi shorts, mouth guards. The lot. Don’t worry about that for your trial class, we will have you covered. We also have Afterpay to offer our members looking to purchase training gear.

When you arrive, one of our coaches or assistants will meet and greet you. Give you a short tour of the facility and show you where you can put your bag etc. After this we will make sure you’ve signed your waiver and are ready to train. We will get you kitted out in the correct training attire if needed and bring you to the mat, where we will introduce you to the coach taking the class. Same for Kids coming to trail, parents can bring them in, be greeted by coach or one of our assistants. Once ready, coming to the mat where they will be introduced to the coach taking the class and greeted by the other students, ready for their trial class.

At Balance, after we bow onto the mats – coach will ask us to line up in belt order and prepare us for class. Then, we do a warm-up, generally a Yoga For BJJ style warm up to prepare our bodies for movement. Now we move into the teaching portion of class, where coach will display and explain techniques, depending on where we are in the teaching cycle. Students will get to see the techniques performed and explained, ask coach questions, then get the opportunity to practice or ‘drill’ these movements with a training partner. The next part of class generally will be some ‘situational sparring (rolling)’ where training partners will be put into the same positions seen/taught/drilled that same class with a training partner and given the chance to work on executing these movements with a resisting opponent. Beneficial to information retention and letting techniques sink into your mind. Following this is free rolling (sparring) depending on your experience. Lastly, coach will ask students to line up, have a quick word about what they got from class and bow off the mats.

Structure and coaching focus. Here at Balance, our passion is sharing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We want to give our members the chance to learn BJJ and have it make some sense and retain what they are learning. BJJ can seem so crazy and random to the untrained eye. We aim to break down every position and movement, slow things down and let students get the opportunity to learn things at a consistent rate, retain the information and recognise when and where to use the techniques they have been taught. We do this by teaching from a flow-chart, designed to give intention and reason behind what is being taught. Students will learn movements and positions in a sequential way, so they know why, where and what to be doing at a given time on the mat. No random, disconnected movements that have no connection or relevance to each other, which os so common in current BJJ teaching.

In terms of coaching – BJJ is such a beautiful art, because it allows for freedom of expression. Theres no right or wrong game to have in BJJ. Your game or ‘style’ is uniquely your own. You can grow and shape this how YOU want. At Balance, we look to encourage this growth and shaping – getting to know our students styles and helping to shape each student – as an individual.

Your goal is to get confident enough to start doing All Levels classes. When you feel you want more sparring – thats the time. Speak to your coaches and they will explain more. 

Yes! Our coaches make the class accessible to all skill levels. You might not have all the context surrounding a position or technique – but we will make sure you learn!

Absolutely not! BJJ will get you fit, get you stronger and get you in shape. The best time to start is now!

We offer discounts for 

  • Families
  • Military
  • Police
  • Ambulance
  • Fire Dept
  • Prison Services
  • Emergency Care
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